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Outsource your treatment planning…

I just treatment planned a four implant, truly guided case – over the phone. The most brilliant thing was that the person on the other end was halfway across the world! The world is indeed flat. I have been using an iCAT to place implants since we got one in 2004. I used iCAT vision, the software that came packaged with the machine. This gave a lot of information but did not allow me to do virtual surgery on the images (i.e. place mock implants where they should go). I started doing this with the third party software, Keystone Dental’s EasyGuide.

Last month I came across a company 3D Diagnostix based out of Boston. Theirs is a truly brilliant concept. You send them the iCAT and they do the treatment planning (by a qualified surgeon). Then you have a meeting with them over the web to verify that you like the plan. You can also involve the restorative dentist and the lab in this. I gotta tell you it is kind of cool to just have to tell someone over the phone where you want to move the implant to, and a second later it’s done right there on your screen. The whole process has been seamless so far. Very impressive! The concept here is to basically outsource your treatment planning as you would your accounting or your lab work but still retain complete control over it. Once approved a surgical guide is fabricated and mailed to you!


In Print… Dental Implants, The Art and Science

bookcover.jpegYes, this is the beginning of a whole new decade. TIME magazine wrote that the last decade would be remembered for 9/11, two wars, and two economic meltdowns. But I like to look on the positive side of things. To me the last decade was all about the iPod, iPhone and the iCAT. I use the iCAT for every implant case I do. It is unimaginable to me that this technology was just not available a few years back. I think it ranks right up there with the discovery of anesthesia and x-rays. This month a new textbook was released. It is comprehensive in scope and detailed in content and comes highly recommended based on previous editions. Dental Implants, The Art and Science. Edited by Babbush, Hahn, Krauser, and Rosenlicht. Chapter 8 covers the radiographic assessment of the implant patient, and is co-authored by myself. It’s well worth a look.