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Where will today’s implant companies be tomorrow?

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This may not be absolutely critical to torquing down your implant practice today… but maybe tomorrow!!  While we look for the right surface, taper, strength, and alloy research is producing some very interesting results.  I always thought that stem cell application  would start by creating a graft site and then seating the cells within, then guiding the tooth to occlusion orthodontically.  It appears that at least some research has taken a different approach.  Dr. Jeremy Mao of Columbia University has developed a tooth shaped scaffold which can be impregnated with stem cells resulting in a completely formed tooth in nine months.  It’s in alpha testing now but makes me think of where the implant companies of today will be tomorrow? Read the full story here…


In Print… Dental Implants, The Art and Science

bookcover.jpegYes, this is the beginning of a whole new decade. TIME magazine wrote that the last decade would be remembered for 9/11, two wars, and two economic meltdowns. But I like to look on the positive side of things. To me the last decade was all about the iPod, iPhone and the iCAT. I use the iCAT for every implant case I do. It is unimaginable to me that this technology was just not available a few years back. I think it ranks right up there with the discovery of anesthesia and x-rays. This month a new textbook was released. It is comprehensive in scope and detailed in content and comes highly recommended based on previous editions. Dental Implants, The Art and Science. Edited by Babbush, Hahn, Krauser, and Rosenlicht. Chapter 8 covers the radiographic assessment of the implant patient, and is co-authored by myself. It’s well worth a look.


Minimize the risk, simplify the procedure

Below is a gadget that was patented in 2005… wonder if it is close to release?!

tactiletech.jpgThe company’s flagship product, which is in the final stages of development, is an Implant Location System (ILS) that uses a disposable micro-robot for carrying out dental implant procedures. The company promises that when this product hits the market, the process of getting dental implants will be less painful and less expensive.
The bone-sensing technology will enable precision three-dimensional measurement of bone tissue covered by soft tissue, without the need for invasive surgical procedures. The Implant Location System applies tactile sensing technology to offer intra-oral image-guided navigation specifically for dentists. Its computer-guided sensing, navigation and guiding suite for placement of dental implants is designed both for the general practitioner and the expert.

Tactile Technologies’ aim is to help the firms that manufacture implants to find a solution for placing them that minimizes the risks and simplifies the procedure They are doing so using tactile sensing technology, three-dimensional radiological visualization and miniaturized robotic control which is changing the dental landscape.

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