Simple and Economical yet guided…


Couple of decades ago there was the osseointegration revolution.  Then there was the bone grafting one.  The last decade has been all about two topics:  Soft tissue management in the esthetic zone and Guided implant placement. Guides are pretty common place today but not ubiquitous, although they should be.  Of course implants can be and are placed without guides.  But if given a chance everyone would like to have a guide for ease of placement and greater accuracy.  Then why don’t they?  Mainly due to the additional cost and the complexity of working up the case using software.  Well instead of having simplant or other CAD/CAM type guides made.  Here is a guided case done with a local lab.  The guide was made to the size of the final drill (nobel 4.5mm in this case).  The telescoping pieces slide in and out to make the drill hole 2mm and 3.5mm in diameters for the intermediate drills.  The precision placement allowed me to place this implant and immediately load it with a screw retained temporary crown for ideal soft tissue contours.  The cost of the guide – $100.  The two telescoping pieces are autoclavable and reusable for multiple cases.  No need for the guided kits from nobel or straumann, etc.  You can just use your normal surgical kit.



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