Coding for socket grafting…

I agree, coding is not what makes dentistry SEXY and reimbursement can be a puzzling topic.  Interestingly it can also make a significant difference in your bottom line.  Even if you have a practice that takes very little insurance, it’s still good to know how to bill correctly for maximum reimbursement.  Lot of practices will bill the extraction and graft as a bundled procedure.  This may not result in the reimbursement you were looking for.  The correct way to code is the following:


D7210 or D7140 for your extraction.

D7953 Ridge Preservation

D4266 Resorbable barrier or D4267 for non-resorbable barrier

as a bonus for reading this far, did you know there is a separate code for Emdogain.  If you use it email me and I’ll send you the code.  If you don’t use it you may want to look it up by clicking the link above.  If you don’t get proper reimbursement you may find you are losing money on certain procedures due to the high cost of materials involved.  Before you start socket grafting add up the cost of your materials!



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  • I have been using 4263 instead of the 7953 code.

    I think i like the 7953 better.

    What is the code for using emdogain and what clinical situation do you use it?


    • D4265 is the code for Emdogain. It works like BMP or any of your PRP factors. Periodontists use it to regenerate supporting structures (literature supported) on roots (i.e. cementum, bone, etc) but anecdotal reports show it works to improve soft tissue healing and bone regeneration. You can mix it with your socket graft material or your graft material for a sinus lift etc.

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