Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication…


Sometimes I wonder why I couldn’t have thought of this myself!  I have used multiple lasers in the past and currently use the Deka laser.  One of the main purposes is to expose implants.  I was recently given the Ceratip from Komet.  Billed as “the poor man’s laser”,  it is a zirconia coated burr which works fabulously for exposing implants.  It works on


mechanical thermal principals.  Simply place it in your handpiece (turn the water off) and vaporize soft tissue to expose the implant.  I never believed it but after using it I highly recommend it.  It doesn’t replace the laser but gives 95% of the effect for exposing implants. And this is at a total cost of $50.  The laser cost $40K.  Also many times I may be in a operatory where my laser is not present and this burr will do the job!  You won’t believe it until you try it.  Let me know your experience?



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