What Implant is that?!

weird.pngThere are 318 implant manufacturers in existence today! That means tons of different connections, grooves, threads, tapers, collars, and surfaces. How to keep track of it all? Specially if you get a patient who has moved from another area of the country or the world for that matter. Or someone who had work done and can’t find their records and now you have to tighten a loose abutment or restore the over denture. Well I have come across two excellent resources and they are absolutely free! Osseosource.com has a set of question filters. As you answer more it narrows your search providing pictures of the implant until you have found the exact one. You can also match it to different images (x-rays). Along the same lines a website I just came across yesterday is Whatimplantisthat.com. Both are excellent resources and fill a much needed gap as implant manufacturing becomes a worldwide phenomenon! Please remember there are implant companies out there which are not going to be around in the next five years, let alone ten. So before you buy the cheapest ones out there to make the biggest profit, think about whether you are really doing the patient a service when they need the parts for it in the future. My advice: stick to the big four (whichever they maybe).


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