The magical luxators…

I have spoken with many clinicians who don’t use either of these tools and it always shocks me! Today with implants well on their way to being the gold standard for tooth replacement and immediate implants enjoying functional and esthetic success in the 90 percent range it is even more critical to extract teeth atraumatically. The choice of tools are then either luxators, proximators, a periotome, or a powertome. I have used all of these and the one that now sits on every one of my extraction trays is the luxator. What makes it stand out is the large handle that allows forces to be transmitted with ease. This just can’t be achieved with the proximator or periotome without using a mallet. Untitled1.jpgThe powertome on the other hand creates too much noise for my liking. The luxators have very fine but yet durable tips that fit right into the PDL space. I take it all around the tooth going deeper each time until the tooth is loose. It is the quickest and easiest way to get that tooth out! (Atraumatically that is…) I even use it for wisdom teeth. Eventhough they are not elevators, and the manufacturer makes sure you are aware of that… it is hard to resist. This has led to multiple orders of the instruments as the tips will fracture or shred. So remember just apical forces and minimal torquing forces. Buy the plastic handled ones over the metal version and a pack of three maybe just as good to start. The real set comes as a pack of seven and has a greater variety of tips and angles. I find that I end up using three to four anyway most of the time. If you have picked up a drill to remove maxiallary teeth in the past five years then this bud is for you!


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