Beautiful access into Maxillary Sinus

Innovation is a great thing. We have come a long way on one simple aspect of sinus lift surgery: ACCESS. There was the diamond burr, then the piezo surgery burr and now another breakthrough from neobiotech, of South Korea. This burr fits right into the implant handpiece and delivers as advertised. It is able to remove bone without violating the sinus membrane. As hard as it is to believe, it does just that and does it beautifully!


It beats out the piezo surgery unit for this purpose simply because of speed. It felt like it was 10x faster. But you know how the surgical minute goes. The burr has been developed for neurosurgery for access into the cranium so rest assured that if they can use it there then we can use it to access the maxillary sinus which houses simply AIR. Of course I immediately thought about using this for sinus intrusion… but they thought of it before. So there is a size that fits through the bottom of your osteotomy for entry into the sinus floor (ala the classic summers technique without having to tap the osteotome). If you would like to see a video of this burr at work with infuse as the material for grafting Click here.


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